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Bulk SMS Services

SMS was first used to send weather updates to clients but soon was realized to be a service with broader applications.Bulk SMS services provide solutions to send and receive single and bulk SMS messages using the Internet.

Bulk SMS services enables single and multiple users to send and receive SMS messages using:

Bulk SMS is managed using bulk SMS software or bulk aggregating and bulk messaging services such as Internet Payment eXchange (IPX) from Swedish company Ericsson. The most economic marketing method existing today is SMS Marketing and the support to it is the Bulk SMS Services. Bulk SMS Services has made its marks not only in marketing area but in other fields as well.

Apart from industries, corporate bodies like Banks uses SMS to alert customers on account transactions, Stock exchange gives tips to share holders on share movements via Bulk SMS services. Schools informs students on admission tips, status and exams results via Bulk SMS services. Hotels informs customers of their services via bulk SMS services.

In fact, there is no sphere of human endeavor that has not been affected by SMS/bulk SMS services revolution. Not only the bulk sms services is affordable for any kind of organization ranging from educational to business, but also requires minimal training and is platform independent.